Ordering Guide

To place an order first choose the alphabet. 
If the rune alphabet that you like is not listed there is a chart buy the numbers.
On the order spell out in english and let me know what alphabet. 
For symbol wright symbol (the symbol name)
Colors and styles of rings/ Sizes and number of letters/runes ...that can be engraved by size.
Size 3 and 4 (12 spaces), Size 5 and 6 (18 spaces), Size 7 and 8 (22 spaces), Size 9 and 10 (26 spaces), Size 11 and 12 (29 spaces), Size 13 (30 spaces), Size 14 (32 spaces), Size 15 (35 spaces), and Size 16 (37 spaces)
Knowing your Ring Size
The only way your ring is going to be worn comfortably, is to have the correct size. We strongly suggest a trip to your local jeweler, to get your finger sized. If the ring you are purchasing is for a loved one, just borrow a ring and get it sized. Any jeweler can do this for you. Remember once engraved you cannot return a ring to us for a refund or exchange. Every piece you order comes in it's own red velvet gift bag.
I am based in Pennsylvania united states  everything ships from PA